Welcome to Systech Ltd


Systech uses more than 10 DELL Series servers powered by Windows 2003 and 2008. We are currently powered by Windows 2003 servers but are being updated to Windows 2008. These servers control the whole of bassadone with alot of applications running within them.



We also use more than 120 Workstations in our company, we use DELL's  running on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Software Written by Systech:

For software modules that have been produced by Systech all faults or omissions will be corrected free of charge on an ongoing basis. The only qualification of this is that such faults must be reproducible and demonstrable. Any other time expended will be charged out as per the rates below. It is possible to cause significant faults by incorrect changes to the system, such as workstation, server, operating system and cabling modifications. Systech reserves the right to invalidate the warranty if a third party has modified an important part of the system, without Systech’s knowledge and approval, and has caused such problems. The duration of this invalidity shall be until the related fault is corrected by Systech.